So yesterday was my Nephew Stevens 18th birthday. He didn’t want to get wasted drunk in Winnipeg with his friends as that was their plan for him, so he came out to seattle to hang with his Uncle. I picked him up at 4:20, at 5:30 we were eating dinner at home, Amy baked a chocolate cake, and at 7:20 we were down at Key Arena scalping tickets to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Within 15 minutes we recieved two free tickets and proceded inside with no idea what we were about to experience next.

So, the Trans-Siberian orchestra is the most Metal experience I have ever been a part of. Yes, more than Metallica, Maiden and GNR. I am not sure how to describe it, so I will link a clip here. But all I can say is that these long haired rockers in tuxedos played christmas music with an orchestra and and electric violinist and the best light/laser/pirotecnics show I have ever seen. I truly worship and met with Jesus. The excellence in the show was beyond that of any I have ever been a part of. At the same time, it was a little cheesy, but in a beautiful to much metal for one hand sort of way. Also, Jeff Tate from Queensryche sang on a sone, which is also real metal.


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