This week we have a team in from Vanguard University in California. There are 7 of them in the city and my friends Marcus and Erin are hosting them with me. Tonight we went down to Pioneer Square and Courthouse Park to give out hot chocolate. If you are following the news you know that it has been cold, wet, windy and nasty in Seattle, so to be on the streets has not been kind. Tonight Erin, Dominica and myself met Foster. He is a 39 year old man who was just sitting in the park by himself. We asked him if he wanted some hot chocolate and sat down with him for the next 20 minutes or so.

Foster kept asking us why we were downtown giving out hot chocolate in the cold to homeless people when we could be at home watching TV in front of a fire. This was an interesting question. I guess the answer is that there are more important things to do than sit at home and watch TV sometimes. That was it. We chose to do something tonight for someone else instead of take care of ourselves and our own comforts. I know that God is not any happier with me because I did this, but I also know that Foster had a good night as a result of us thinking of others.

I have seen this a lot lately in Seattle over the last few day’s. People are reaching out to help others. I was listening to the radio tonight and this lady called in and said that if anyone in her area needed a place to stay because of the power outages that they could stay with her as she had power. She said she could house up to 10 people. I have seen my city come together and think of others, it is very beautiful.

It is the Christmas season. I want to challenge all of us to think of someone other than ourselves who we can bless. Someone that we can give to. Someone undeserving that we can bless. We are all undeserving of what we have, why not share it.


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