So this is my 3:19am post. I just got Abby down after her 3am snack and figured I could either sleep or post, so here I am. It will be quick though as the house is cold and my bed is warm. So yesterday was my 35th birthday. Good times. It was spent at home looking after my sick family. Now the only person in my immediate family who was sick was Amy, but for the last week our family has been added to 9. Our friends John and Jen Megaw, one of the three couples who helped launch YWAM Seattle, have been staying with us. I guess Toby, their 4 year old threw up 15 times yesterday. Ellie, their 2 year old was not far behind. And Jen and Amy threw ups 6 or more times each.

The song that kept ringing in my head was “Highway To The Danger Zone” by Kenny Logins. Yep, that right. I just linked you to Kenny Loggins web page. Man, he is getting old. Anyway, my house was a festival of people throwing up, kids running around, clutter everywhere and Mario Kart racer was played for a minimum of 8 hours. WOW! What a birthday. I kept thinking that it was cool that I got to stay at home and serve my family on my birthday. I am glad that John wasn’t sick too, we were able to escape a couple of times to buy saltines and go to Arby’s.

Anyway, I think that things are getting back to normal as there has been no sign of puke since last night. Thanks to all of you who gave me a call or text and for those of you who forgot, well I probably forgot your birthday once too. We will get each other next year.

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3 comments so far on “Long Day

  1. DavenHeather says:

    i really enjoy catching up with you guys on here. somedays i remember how happy seattle was for me.. i miss you all….merry christmas.

  2. Stephen says:

    Happy Puke-fest! Er… Birthday!

    Congratulations on becoming one year loder and looking that much ‘more’ like Kenny Loggins.

    You Rock!


  3. Tom & Tracey Mehrer says:

    You have had quite the week. Puke… locked doors on the van…man! We WERE excited about seeing you on Saturday but now…well we just hope the “bad karma” does not come with you…
    :)… just kidding.
    We love ya guys.


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