Lately I have felt compelled to change my blog up a little bit. I work in Seattle with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) which is a missions organization. I have been convicted lately that I am not spending enought time thinking about the nations. Sure I think about Seattle a lot and how we can change our city, but I want to think more about places outside my culture and home.

The reason that I got involved with YWAM in 1993 was because I wanted to be a Missionary to the nations. I wasn’t sure how that looked for me, I just knew that I had a call. Lately that call has been burning in me again. I want the world to know that they are not forgotten. I want people in America (Canada included) to know that they are not the center of the world. I feel like I am beginning an increadable journey that will lead me to seing Gods heart and hope for the nations of the world. How do you and I fit into that? Well I have a few faint ideas, not to be shared now, but hopefully through this I can figure it out more clearly.

So to start I want to look at Countries and injustices around the world and make awareness. I hope that through this I will learn how to respond in prayer and action more strategically to bring change. Man, sounds like a lot a big thing but for me, I just need to start doing something.


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