So this morning I woke up early to take my friend Billy to the airport. We got to SeaTac and since I was only dropping Billy off I decided not to pull into the loading/unloading zone, but just stay in the traffic lane, get out quick for a goodbye and drive off. It would take 20 seconds max. So after the hug I put my hand on the door handle and all the doors automatically lock on me, with the keys in the ignition and the van running. What is the word I am looking for here to describe my feelings? Oh yea, I can’t put it here as it would most definitely offend.

So, as soon as I realize I am locked out and Billy stops laughing the cops come over. I told him what happened and he told me that he was going to have to toe the van. There is that word again. Thankfully I have AAA so I get free unlocks, but unfortunately it takes up to 60 minutes for them to arrive and the cop wants me gone in 10. So I beg and plead with the guy and he gives me some time. They pulled a car up to redirect traffic as I was doing a good job of blocking it and we waited for the tow truck.

25 minutes later the AAA guy came out and got me in. During the wait I got into a good conversation with the cop about where I live, Christmas shopping and mall renovations. Good times. I am grateful to the cop for cutting me some slack on Christmas eve and I am grateful that I didn’t have to shell out $50+ for a tow. Anyway, the rest of my Christmas eve ruled, I hope yours was good too. Sleep well.

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