I am so excited and here is why. My good friend from Vancouver P. Wade Pallister just started a cooking blog. This is not your ordinary Martha Stewart or Yan Can Cook, but an amazingly delicious out of the ordinary cooking blog. His first post was on how to make a Turducken with Roasted Garlic, Bacon, and 2 Types of Mushroom Stuffing. I am sad that I got this the day after Christmas, but the froze hen that we had was pretty good too.

Wade and I have been friends since we met in 96. As long as I have known him he has cooked with excellence. I have had many a gourmet bowl of top ramen made by his hands. He has inspired many of my friends to eat well and to be creative in their cooking. He has also challenged me and others to shop well for our food. You don’t need to buy everything at one store (Safeway) just because it is convenient, kinda like buying your coffee from Starbucks because it is there. This is an expensive way to do it. There are so many more options for all of us who live in the city besides giant food supermarkets. Buy your meat at one place, your veggies at another and your bread, well make it yourself. Wade has supported many small food businesses by shopping urban and paying less money.

Now I am not chef, but I do value food and the creating of meals more now that I know Wade. I am not afraid to put extra ingredients in my meals, or substitute the required ones. My wife on the other hand, she is a little afraid to eat the food that I make, even though most of the time it tastes great, well good. I hope you enjoy visiting Wades site and that you eat well.

Happy Holidays.

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