On January 7 YWAM Seattle starting a monthly gathering called Digital Liturgy. It is going to be a night of digital worship with a focus on the world, specifically social injustice in the world. On Jan. 7 we will be focussing on human trafficking. Most of the information that we will be pulling from comes from a site that Daniel Bedingfield helped put together called Stop The Traffik.

-Human Trafficking is a $7 Billion a year black market industry
-It is the fastest growing of the top three illegal world trades, alongside arms & drugs
-Parents sell children for as little as $30
-Trafficking supplies forced prostitution, child soldiers and sweat shops
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One of the things we are trying to see happen through the Digital Liturgy is for people getting a heart for the world. We want to people to realize that there is a need, and they can help meet that need. Whether it is poverty, HIV/AIDS, child labor or human trafficking, we can make a difference. We want people to fall in love with Jesus and commit their lives to the cause of bringing justice to the world. We want people to become doctors, lawyers, politicians and the list goes on for the cause of bringing freedom and justice.

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  1. Jamie Arpin-Ricci says:

    This sounds excellent! Good for you guys. good for Daniel for getting involved too.

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