Well Christmas is over and tonight is New Years, which means I will stay up late while my kids sleep and they will wake me up early and I will want to sleep. It just aint fair. Whoever invented the New Year celebration didn’t have an infant. My household will just have mandatory nap time tomorrow afternoon.

Here are a few things that as I look back on I am grateful for this Christmas season.

1. I am grateful that Amy is a good cook, I am ok, but she is great. She made these butter tarts. Oh man, they are good and tasty.

2. I am grateful that we were able to give our kids, mostly Emma a fun Christmas. She got gifts from family here and in Canada. She was realy excited about all her gifts. In that, I am excited to teach her how to give as well. We have some friends going to Thailand and Africa for their DTS outreach and Emma is giving away some of her toy’s and books to kids who have none.

3. I am grateful for friends. On Christmas eve we got together at Zach’s house with his family and a few other friends who we love so much. It was great to just be together and eat good food.

4. I am grateful for the skull and crossbones shirt that Emma picked out for me as a present.

5. I am grateful that I didn’t get socks and underwear this year, sad as it ended a 34 year long tradition, but grateful.

6. I am grateful that we got to watch Home Alone with Chrissie for her 20th+ time and Emma’s first.

7. I am grateful that my mom was with family and not on her own.

8. I am grateful for music. There was always music on in the house. It is a beautiful creation of God.

9. I am grateful for Jesus, my savior, my king and my friend. Thank you for coming and bringing hope.

10. I am grateful that it is over and life can get back to normal.

Finally, I am grateful for spell check as I spelled grateful wrong 10 times and would have felt real dumb if I had posted that.


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