I am in Costa Rica for the next 6 days and today I saw something very unusual and strangely familiar. I saw a rainbow in the sky. Now I see rainbows all the time living in Seattle, but they are not in the sky, but on flagpoles. It was very beautiful.

So today was very interesting. I spent my morning drinking good coffee and talking with old friends. Alvaro and I talked about Mission Adventures and how it is going to look running it here next summer. It is very exciting what God is doing and is going to do. After that we had lunch and then Alvaro and I headed into Heredia to get a tire fixed. This is where things went different than it would have if I were back home in the UsofA.

We got the tire fixed and then on the way home the car overheated. We waited for a bit till it cooled down then we drove to a mechanic shop. Alvaro knew the guy who owned it and so he checked out the car and recommended another guy up the hill who was better with foreign cars. Before we left Terry, the base director drove up and we spent some time talking to him and he recommended the same place for the car.

So we drove up the hill to the foreign repair shop and it turned out the Alvaro knew him as well. The guy checked out the car and told us that he would take care of it, we would have to leave it over night. We ended up having to walk home and on the way we ran into a girl that Alvaro knows. We walked to her house, as it was on the way and her mom offered to give us a ride home. As we were driving we just hung out, talked and looked at a beautiful rainbow that spanned the whole horizon.

Life is so different here. It is relaxed. Things are slow. There was no stress today, just going to places and talking with people and helping them and them helping us. The life of a missionary I saw today is one of relationship. One of taking things as they come and not letting it ruin your day. I am glad to be here. I can’t wait for what tomorrow holds.

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  1. Julie Johnson says:

    i love the CR!!! umm where will you be the second week of february??? probably cambodia or mexico, or china.

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