Yesterday Alvaro and I drove 3 hours north to the province of Guanacaste to visit our friends Diego and Salla. It was a great time visiting them. This morning Deigo and I went for a quad ride into the wetlands and I saw boots. Not the monkey, but actual boots. I have been laughing in my head all day as I have been thinking of posting that. Maybe it is funnier to me. Anyway, we drove through the bush and saw monkeys, cool birds, ate fruit and just talked about their vision for their small village of no more than 200 people.

Diego and Salla moved to Guanacaste last year to start a new rural YWAM work. They are working a lot with community developement and trying to bring the truth of Jesus to this community that is very religeous, but does not love Jesus. This week they have been running a kids camp out of their house and so this morning after our talk we went back to his house where about 15 kids were waiting. We talked about Jesus and I got to share about Jesus and what He thinks about family. Most of these kids are raised by their moms as their dads have left so I got to talk about how Jesus had a mom and how He was adopted by Joseph. It was fun to be involved in ministy like that again.

It is so exciting what Diego and Salla want to do in their community. They want to get the road paved. They want to buy some land and make a lake filled with fish so that they can teach the women to fish and teach them a trade. They want to rebuild the community center and fix up the church and the school They also want to put a swimming pool on their land so that teams can have a place to refresh after long days of ministry. It is very hot there. Their vision stretches far beyond them, that is where I see God in it. They are beautiful people and I am priviledged to be a part of their lives.

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  1. carly smith says:

    nice post on diego and boots…. probably only parents or hard-core dora fans would get the humor…. although i don’t know what my excuse is! 🙂 glad you are having a good time!

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