My good friend P. Wade Pallister has been posting steadily on his Food Blog. It is amazing what that man can come up with as far as recipes. He really does create with excellence. I wish we all lived this way. Just in the way where we find out what we do well, or what we are most interested in and do it to the fullest. In my life I just get to lazy or apathetic to do anything 100%. I look at one of Wades posts on Ramen. Now Ramen is normally seen as a poor college persons meal, but Wade turns it into a feast that would be enjoyed by a king. I would say the King of Kings, but that would just be cheesy. I want to encourage all of us to read Wades blog and cook some sweet meals for yourselves and those you love and I want to encourage us to live our lives with excellence. Put the things that you are good at out there so as to bless others through it, as we are blessed through Wades cooking. I love when people take the time to share with us (for free) cool things that they have created, just to be a blessing, or show off, but who am I to judge.

Eat well and good night.


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  1. Chris says:

    Wow. The Ramen one, yes…I want some right now! Thanks for the heads up. Whew…

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