So tonight I went to the store on my way to dodgeball and picked up the next thrilling disc in the 24 series. After the game I headed home to cuddle in bed with Amy and watch a little Jack Bauer. When I got home I hung with Emma a little and talked as she fell asleep, cleaned up a little bit around the kitchen, put clean sheets on the bed and crawled in for a few hours of intensity. Well wouldn’t ya know, I picked the wrong season. Yep, I grabbed season 4 disc 4 instead of season 5 disc 4. There are words for this kind of mistake, but I love Jesus so I will not use them.

So for the rest of the night, until now, I played mini golf on line. It wasn’t as good and not as many people died, but it did pass some time and help me to forget. Tomorrow is another day, but it sucks that I have to wait another 24 hours ironically till I can watch. It is going to be one of those day’s.

Good night.

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  2. Jamie Arpin-Ricci says:

    How odd… I took my DTS small group mini-golfing last night…

  3. roodman says:

    Phil- I’ve done that before and it sucks. I tried to get into Arrested Development for a couple of years but every time I rented a disk that I thought was the 1st disk it ended up being the 2nd. So I finally gave up.

    Good to put on clean sheets.

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