So tonight, after a long day of work and play, Amy and I once again headed home to giver Jack Bauer and 24 another go. This time we got the right season, but the wrong disc. Man, the video store is sure making money off of my mistakes. This is not like me, I promise. Maybe it is like me and I am just being myself. Anyway, I guess I will just have to give it one more try another day. If we finish season 5 before season 6 comes out on video it will be a miracle. For those of you who don’t care about 24 and just think I am an idiot, you need to start at season one and you will understand.

Good night.

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One comment so far on “Am I just going crazy?

  1. SC says:

    Yes, Phil. You’re an Idiot!

    Wait just a minute. I like 24 too. I guess I am an Idiot too. What does that make us?

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