This past weekend I had the privilege of speaking at a Jr. High/High School retreat at White Pass. It was a great time for my family and I as they came along with. I felt lead to talk about areas of injustice such as the water shortage in Africa and Night Commuters. I didn’t want it to be just another spiritual high retreat where we talk all about us and how we need to be more spiritual and what we need to do to be closer to God and be better people. We hear that all the time, and as true as it is, there is more to it. I wanted people to look beyond themselves and get involved in something more. I also wanted to make awareness of what is going on Globally that is on God’s heart. So many times I feel like we are trying to make it us and God, but what about them? The majority of the retreat was spent focusing on that.

There was a beautiful response from the youth as many of them made commitments to pursue the things that they are passionate about and in turn make the world a better place. I challenged them to sit with the outcast, pursue there passions, care about the poor and commit to something. I pray that they would not just come away from this retreat feeling good about themselves and then fall away from things after a month or so, I pray that this time would be different. I am thankful for what Jesus did and that he used me as a part of it.

We also played some killer tackle football in the snow.

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