Last night Emma and I went to the community center as they were showing Cars. It was fun to be there as a few of my other friends were there with their kids. The thing that was fun about last night is that Emma and I agreed to pick out each others clothing. She looked great as she didn’t really keep her end of the deal, but complained until she got to where what she wanted and then thanked me for picking out such nice clothes.

I wore a pair of pants that I have not seen let alone wore in years. I also got to wear a shirt that I used to like, years ago. She finally picked out some nice steaming hot wool socks for me to wear and to top it all off a pair of gag underwear that I bought as a funny gift last Christmas for Amy. This is the 1st time they have been worn and I am now fully convinced that thongs/g-strings are not for me.

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  1. Lynette Polinder says:

    I miss you guys. And I love that you let Emma decide what you had to wear out, and I love that you guys went to all that trouble to give emma a dance party. You guys are top notch parents.

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