Tonight Emma wanted to have a dance party. So, Amy and Emma got dressed up in their finest digs and we got some streamers, shut off all the lights and got out the flash light. Amy wore a black dress and Emma wore her Cinderella dress. So what do you do when your girls want to have a dance party? You put on some 80’s metal. I, without even thinking about it put on Shake Me by Cinderella, one of the finest rock bands of the 80’s and the girls danced away as I shook the flashlight and dropped confetti.
It was 5 minutes of fun that I couldn’t wait to share. Good times, and let 80’s metal and my beautiful girls rock on.

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2 comments so far on “This evening dreams came true

  1. djdread says:

    That picture of Emma is the most metal thing I have EVER seen!

  2. roodman says:

    Bro- My sadness for not moving to Seattle is punctuated by your continued blogging about metal. I have to stop thinking about what could have been if we had more time to hang out.

    That said I’d like to fly you out here sometime this summer to put on a weekend event about awareness of injustice. Can you take a look at some dates in August that might work for you. I’m thinking you fly out Thurs, we host something Friday. Hang out Sat and you speak to the high school group on Sunday.

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