So tonight we had Emmas dance party. It was fun. We made punch, veggies and dip, got princess cups and plates, and blew up a bunch of pink balloons and yellow streamers. Her friends Corrie, Drea, Zach and Malachi came over and from 7-8 they danced the night away. There were only a few incedents that were out of control, but nothing to serious. Abby even woke up from her sleep and was happy to dance around the living room with her sister and friends. I just wanted to give you the i-pod play list for your enjoyment.

Daniel Bedingfield- Wrap My Words Around You
David Crowder- Revolutionary Love
Ben Parsons
Def Leppard- Rock Rock Till You Drop
The Dixie Chicks- Goodbye Earl
Gomez- See The World
GRN- Welcome To The Jungle
Jack Johnson- Upside Down
Joan Jett- I Love Rock N Roll
Johnny Cash- Get Rythm
Madonna- Hung Up
Men At Work- I Come From A Land Down Under
Nena Hagens- 99 Luft Balloons
The Soggy Bottom Boy’s- I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow
System Of A Down- Radio Video
Delirious- The Happy Song
U2- Vertigo

There you have it. Now make it your own favorite play list and dance away. I know it is kinda scattered, but it was good.

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