The other day I was in line at the customer service desk at QFC (a grocery store out here) and there were two people in front of me. The person directly in front of me was a 50+ year old lady and the person in front of her, who was at the front of the line was probably in her mid 60’s. The lady at the front of the line was waiting as the agent was paying some bills for her and she turned to the lady behind her and asked if she could tell her something.

She proceeded to tell her, a total stranger by the way, that a few day’s earlier she had just lost her sister, who was her best friend. She was crying and as far as I could tell had no one to talk to about her sisters death. She told her that she did not even want to leave the house, but that if she didn’t then the bills would not get paid and she could be kicked out. This whole time her voice was cracking with the emotion and grief that she had in her heart.

As I stood there I asked myself a couple of things that I wanted to scream out loud. Where is this lady’s family, or friends, or community? Why doesn’t she have anyone to talk to besides a total stranger in line at a grocery store? What could I do? I have been thinking about this lady for the last two day’s now. To be honest, I haven’t prayed for her since, but have just held it to myself. It broke my heart. Now I don’t know the whole story, but, I see this as an injustice. James told us in his book that true religion is to look after orphans and widows in their distress. I am not sure if this lady was an orphan or widow, but she was alone and it seemed like no one was looking after her.

Jesus, please care for this women. Please comfort her and bring people around her. Jesus, she needs you, she needs others.

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  1. SC says:

    I feel your heart brother.

    It is things like this that help motivate me to keep learning and living the words of our Master. He is our Hope.

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