On Thursday evening the New York Islanders were playing the New York Rangers in a hockey game. Now most of you are probably not into hockey, but this story is unbelievable. Ryan Hollweg from the Rangers gave a sweet, and legal check to Chris Simon of the Islanders. Apparently Chris Simon decided that he needed to get back at Ryan so he skated over to him and basically close lined him with his stick across the face.

For this incident Chris recieved the stiffest fine and suspension in NHL history. He is suspended for the rest of the season, minimum 25 games and a maximum of 43, without pay. Based on Simon’s $1 million US salary, the suspension will cost him a minimum of $80,213.90. The money forfeited goes to the NHL players’ emergency assistance fund. It is sad to me that this Canadian grew up dreaming of playing hockey in the NHL and winning the Stanley Cup. It is just stupid to throw that away for revenge. Hitting is a part of the game. These guy’s grew up getting hit and pushed around on the ice, it is what they do. It just makes me sick how someone can throw that all away with a revengeful stick to the face.

How many times do I do this? In writing a critisism of Chris Simon it has made me think of the times that I have turned away from all that I have lived for with Christ. I grew up in the church. I have heard all my life about sin and that Jesus came to take away our sin and give us new life in Him. St. Paul in the bible tells us that when we are in Christ the old has gone and the new has come. I know this stuff, but so often I get up after being knocked down and take my so called stick to Jesus face. Oh what a sinfull man I am. When I go against everything that I have given my life to it doesn’t cost me $80,000, but it does, in some situations make Jesus look bad. Who am I to do that! Anyway, I pray that I would all the more live my life out of love, charity and justice so that I can show the true love and character of Christ through it.

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