This past weekend myself and a few of my friends attended the Film Faith And Justice event here in Seattle. On Thursday they showed Camden 28. On Friday Amy and I watched Born Into Brothels and on Saturday I attended a previewing of Sentenced Home in the afternoon and in the evening we saw Iraq In Fragments. On Sunday evening we had the privilege of hosting an evening with the guy’s from Invisible Children and heard about what is going on over in N. Uganda and how we can be involved.

Why do I tell you all this? Well because I feel like something significant happened in my life this weekend. I am really trying to see a regular, monthly gathering of people happen where we look at different areas of injustice and see what we can do about it. I also want us to see Gods heart towards injustice. Lately I am looking and reading the bible through different eyes, eyes of Justice. Why didn’t I see some of these things before? Things that show so clearly that God is not just about a deity in the sky that is just waiting for you to say a prayer and go to heaven, but He is a loving God who cares deeply about people and hates when they are treated with injustice. He tells us to love the poor, visit the sick and care for the orphan. This weekend there were new areas of injustice that I was exposed to and I pray that I don’t forget, but that I continue walking this road that I have found myself on.

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  1. willinpismo says:

    Hey phil…sounds like a great weekend. Those all sounded like great movies too. I’ve seen a couple of them and love them. Where did you guys go to see all that?

  2. globebug says:

    phil, thanks for your thoughts. i own ‘born into brothel’s and its an amazing film…breaks my heart every time! bet the rest of them are good too. take care, miss you guys. xx

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