Tonight Amy and I went out to the Rosie Thomas show at the Triple Door. It was the second time we have seen Rosie there and like the 1st time it was fantastic. Amy had the Manderin Chicken and I had the Pad Thai. The chicken was great, the Pad Thai was horrible. Anyway, the evening was super. Thanks Katie for babysitting.

During the show the waitress came over to us with a couple of drinks that our friens Billy, Rachel and another Rachel bought for us. I have seen this in movies, but I have never had a drink sent over to me. It got me to thinking about being a blessing to others. It was a total blessing that our friends were thinking about us and spent money on us and it got me to thinking. How do I bless others, not just with money or gifts, but with words? I want to be more intentional about being a blessing to others. What do people need to hear from me? What do they need to recieve from me? Even buying someone a cup of coffee or writing them a hand written note to say hi could make all the difference in someones day. I hope I can do this better tomorrow.

Good night all.

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