I am sitting in the Kansas City airport using the free wireless on my way home from Dallas. This past weekend I was hanging out with my good friend Pastor Rood. Lars invited me out a month or so ago to be involved in bringing awareness of social injustice to his youth and college age students. It was a great opportunity and privilege to be able to share my heart about the lack of justice in the world and also the lack of Christians who are doing anything about it, or worse yet, don’t even know about it. I am seeing more and more that justice is very near to the heart of Jesus and so I feel that it needs to be close to our hearts as well.

It was a also a great weekend just hanging out with Lars and his family and friends. When I arrived on Friday Lars took me out for half price Mexican, which was delicious. We also went out for coffee a lot, walked around Dallas and spent a good amount of our time in the car listening to Nickelback. I am pretty sure that Nickelback is the official band of Dallas they were played so much on the radio. We were joking this morning about hearing them on the radio on the 5 minute drive to the airport and we were not let down. Kinda makes you want to smash your radio through the front windshield of the car.

We also went to The Den, which is worship night started by Keith, the college director. It was a great night. The set up in the room was great as we were all facing each other and were able to interact with Keith who was speaking and one another. One thing that was funny though is that this one older lady brought her dog Charlie. She brought Charlie over to Lars and I and introduced him as her Christian dog who travels with her and is involved in the college groups because he likes the music. The thing about Charlie though is that he is a stuffed dog. No, not a real dog who is stuffed, but a toy dog. Wow, that was awkward.

So, needless to say this weekend ruled. I am excited to get back to my girls in a few hours and am still contemplating buying a Dorothy doll from the Wizard Of Oz for Emma since I am in Kansas.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Mary says:

    I have a dog named Charlie-but he is real. At least-I think he is real…

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