Well I am in Cambodia and so far loving every minute of it. Yesterday Wade, Rachel and I spent the day with Darah, a tuk tuk driver. He took us all around the city of Phnom Penh showing us all the non-touristy places. It was so cool just to hang with him and hear about his family, his job and his life. We wanted to go for lunch at a local Cambodian place so he took us to Mekong Island. We thought that it was going to be totally touristy by the picture, but it turns out that the guy who took the picture is also a master at Photoshop. When we got there we hopped on the ferry (less glamorous that it sounds, see picture)

and headed across the water to the island. The island paradice was a bunch of sketchy 6 foot high huts, mostly under water with grass roofs on them. We walked along the littered beach to the huts all the while being mobbed by sweet people asking us to buy their scarfs that they made. When we got to the huts the 4 of us sat down in confusion for lunch.

People were surrounding us the whole time asking us to buy stuff and we almost fell into the Mekong as the floor we were sitting on broke through. We waited for a while for lunch, still not knowing what was going on, but having a great time talking and hanging out with all our new friends trying to sell their stuff. When lunch came we were not let down. A whole fish, ungutted, a whole chicken, a crap full of rice and perfect mangos with salt and chilli. We ate till we were full and also shared our food with 3 kids and a one eyed dog waiding in the river. We all agreed that this was our greatest outreach eating experience ever, and combined we have had a lot of eating outreach experiences. Just one more reason I love this country and the people God has placed in it.
Good times in Cambodia.

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