It is 11:21 pm and I am sitting outside with Amy by candle light, smoking a cigar and getting caught up on work. It is kinda romantic and kinda pathetic all that the same time. Today was a good day. It was Emma’s 5th birthday so we did what all families do on their daughters 5th, we went bowling. It was great. After that we came home and played outside in the kids pool. Later on some of Emma’s friends came over, who are also our friends and we ate lots of yummy food courtesy of Amy and opened presents. It was fun. I am truly thankful for the community that I have around me in Seattle.

This evening I went to the women and children’s center. It was so good to see my friends there. I hung out with Braxton (4) and Ietza (3). I also got to see my friend Anton (4) before I left as he was at school. One cool thing was that Braxton’s mom told her that she had to go and get cleaned up before snack, but Braxton told her she would rather hang with me and skip snack. I am going to miss these kids as I will be not be able to go this summer. I am thankful for what they have given me and what I have been able to give to them.

I also got a call at 11 on Skype from my good friend Jim Walker. He told me he reads my blog. Thanks bro, I am sure you have nothing else going on in your life right now to keep you busy (haha).

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