So yesterday I went out with my good friend Bubba to a Me Without You show down up on Capital Hill. The show was great. It was the 1st time I had seen them play, or even heard their music. One of those unexpected surprises. One cool thing about them is that their tour bus is a crappy old Grey Hound bus that they converted to run on veggie oil.

So, everything was going good until I got back to the car and saw that some poo poo head backed into me. I wasn’t so much pissed that I got hit, I was more pissed that he or she didn’t leave a note. Not even a “sorry I hit you, I’m not going to leave my name, but I just wanted to acknowledge that I did it.” That would have been fine, not the best, but better than the cowerdly thing they did in just taking off. The other thing that bums me out is that the van was a gift from our friends Tom and Tracy. We want to take care of it as much as we can. So, now I have a hit and run on the back of the van and one on the front. It is going to cost $450 to fix. My deductable on out insurance is $500 so it isn’t even worth going through them. I am probably going to leave it for the time being. If I am going to spent that much on my van I will do it on the brakes. If you know a good auto body guy for free or cheap though please let me know.

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