Two day’s ago my family and I arrived in Costa Rica. I am so glad to be back here. It is good to see my friends Alvaro, Terry and Josh and it is good to finally be in the place that we have been preparing to come to for months now. Earlier this afternoon I was sitting in the class room typing on my lap top and a crazy rain storm came out of no where. The sky went dark and it started to pour. It felt so strange, like I was in a movie or something. Have you ever seen that Sean Connery movie Medicine Man? It was like that, but with a Mac Book Pro. I was sitting in the middle of the jungle, it was pouring rain and I was surfing the web wirelessly.
Another thing that was bizzar is that while we were meeting a bird slammed into the window and the cat came and got it and pretty much did what Sylvester tried to do to Tweetie Bird in all those Warner Brothers cartoons. It was sad, but that is the way nature goes I guess.

More later.

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  1. Lars Rood says:

    Welcome to the Jungle. Bro, I miss you but an so stoked for your family. You are living a life so similar to my passion. I try to take my family on everything I can so that they can experience missions from the front. I am praying for you and glad that you are my friend.

    Maybe we need to go to Costa Rica next summer. My church has a missions partner there so it would be a good fit.

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