Lately I have been missing the hose that most Asian countries put in the bathrooms by the toilet. I grew to love the hose during my time in Cambodia as I was sick for a couple of day’s and had to use the toilet a lot. The hose saved me from chafing, chapping and cracking. Now, for those of you who are not familiar with the hose let me explain. Instead of using toilet paper on your bum after a poop you spray yourself with the hose. It is very clean and yes, your bum gets and stay’s wet. But that is fine as you are hot all day anyway so a wet bum feels kinda refreshing.

Anyway, being down here in Costa Rica, a country that I love, I am missing the hose. Costa Rica, like a lot of Central American countries does not have a hose by their toilets. In Costa Rica you use toilet paper and when you are done you throw it in the trash bin beside or in front of the toilet. This used to be kinda gross to me, although I understand why they do it, poor plumbing, but after Cambodia and not having to touch my bum, the idea of putting my paper in the trash on top of others paper is getting to me. Anyway, it was on my mind so I thought I’d share.


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6 comments so far on “Why I miss the hose.

  1. 3trikes says:

    Now this post is the phil cunningham I remember!
    Good to hear your lifes adventures… wow!
    Tami (Church)

  2. Amanda says:

    phil….you never cease to amaze me with your blog power & content.

    love it.
    miss you guys.
    hope all is well.

    sorry no hose.

  3. soph's mum says:

    so, you must be a good friend of my husband, have you met him? he wants to install a hose in our house.

  4. djdread says:

    Not only can I relate to your current musings on cultural toilet hygiene practices, but I too miss the hose. As a matter of a fact, when I got home from Cambodia, I actually had to build up my butt callous again and it was a very painful experience.

  5. Lyla says:

    I too miss the hose. Cambodia had it going on, I saw it as a very hygenic practice, something we should really consider.
    Thanks for the information, even though it was a bit much, particularly Wade’s comment.
    Take care in C.R.

  6. SC says:

    Your hose Phil is just the Asian bidet’

    You should come to India where it is even nicer. We get to use our left hand.

    Jus close ya eyes and savor the thought….

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