On April 28, 2007 the guy’s from Invisible Children put on an event where they gathered 80,000 people from 15 different states to go through a displacement camp simulation. It was a great time for young people to show the government that they care about the displaced in N. Uganda as a result of the 22 year war over there.

Tonight we are doing a presentation to the 31 youth who are here with us in Costa Rica on the displacement issues in Africa, specifically N. Uganda. The definition of a displaced person is a person who is taken from their homes and forced to live somewhere else in their own culture or country because of war or persecution. Here are some statistics on this:

11.8 million displaced people in Africa

Country breakdown:
Angola – 51,700
Burundi – 100,000
Central African Republic – 212,000
Chad – 140,000
Congo – 7,800
Côte d’Ivoire – 709,000
Democratic Republico of the Congo – 1,000,000
Eritrea – 43,000
Ethiopia – 190,000
Kenya – 431,000
Liberia – 20,500
Senegal – 64,000
Somalia – 400,000
Sudan – 5,355,000
Togo – 1,500
Uganda – 1,500,000
Zimbabwe – 570,000

I am excited to share about this issue and also to share that there is something that can be done to prevent it. Check out this video released last week from the Invisible Children guy’s on there displace me event.

Displace Me

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