Yesterday a van load of Mission Adventures students, Alvaro and I went to see a volcano and the water fall, It was a 4+ hour drive to get there. So, we didn’t see the volcano as it was covered in clouds, but we did get to the waterfall. I have done some amazing things and seen some amazing things during my time with YWAM and this waterfall definitely is up there with them. It was a 10-15 min. hike down to the waterfall. At first I wasn’t going to jump in, but after seeing it I had to. It was like an Indiana Jones movie, without the hat and whip. Anyway, it was an amazing day, even though I drove 8+ hours just to go swimming.

Tomorrow I go to Panama, just for the day and the stamp. It is a four hour ride on a bus and I already have the Van Halen song downloaded onto my i-pod ready to go. I will let you know how that adventure goes tomorrow or Sunday.


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  1. Tami Jo says:

    do tell

  2. Anonymous says:

    love the pictures. This place is beautiful. Tell me about the place…?


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