Phil here writing you from 30,000 feet on my way to Ensenada, Mexico. I arrived home from Costa Rica late Saturday evening, spent Sunday at church and hanging out with good friends and took off to the airport first thing this morning (thanks Zach) for Ensenada. I am going to be speaking on the Mission Adventures program down there until Thursday afternoon, when I fly back home to Seattle.

As I look back on my summer I am overwhelmed by what God has allowed my family and I to be apart of. We helped to start the Mission Adventures program in Heredia, Costa Rica. We were able to go to Costa Rica as a family. Amy and the girls were able to attend her Grandpa’s birthday party and her brothers wedding reception. And I was asked to speak on the Mission Adventures program in Los Angeles and Ensenada, Mexico. I feel privileged to be doing what we get to do. I am grateful to Jesus for counting us worthy, and grateful to those of you who support us with prayer and finances, Thank you.

Please continue to pray with us and for us this week as we, our family, has been apart for almost one month. It has been very difficult for us to be apart, but I feel that it is a sacrifice that we have made for the Lord, one that I hope we never have to make again. Also, please pray for me as i speak and for the students as they have to sit and listen to me speak. Last week a girl in Los Angeles called me an amazing ADD speaker, I will take that as a compliment.


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