This morning I woke up early and went for coffee. I am in Winnipeg, so my options are slim. I have Second Cup, Tim Hortons, Smitty’s or Starbucks. I heard my mom leave the house approx. 15 min. before I got up and I knew that she would be at Starbucks, so I went there. The last time I was at Starbucks was approx. a year ago when I was in Winnipeg last. I was hesitant to order a coffee, as last time I checked I didn’t really like Starbucks, but I ordered one just because it was early and there was coffee. Well, my memories served me correctly. I don’t like Starbucks coffee, it is just gross. I can’t wait to get home to Seattle on Wednesday and get a tasty short with room americano from my friend Rachel at Caffe Fiore.

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  1. Chris says:

    I can handle the espresso from the ‘bucks in a pinch but I prefer out shop in Modesto called Coffee Creek…family owned, all organic and all fair trade certified. Good tea too. MMMMM! Most of the time, Starbucks coffee tastes burnt to me and the tea all tastes the same.

    While I really try to be fair trade, I am also a coffee slummer (I like light/mild roasts) so there is a special place in my heart for Tim Horton’s but more so for the Boston cream!!! I was in the ‘peg a couple of weeks ago and I really felt it important to make my contribution to the slurpee record so coffee wasn’t a priority.

  2. Lars Rood says:

    Sadly I don’t have a lot of choices here in Dallas. I can drive in any direction and be at a Starbucks in about 1 mile. To the best of my limited 6 months knowledge there are no independent coffee shops that I would enjoy here in Dallas.

    This last week I was in Nashville for a couple of days and there were so many great coffee shops there.

    So I go to Starbucks a lot. I don’t drink Crapachinos though and mostly just get Americanos with room.

    That’s my take.

  3. Lynette Polinder says:

    Coffee made from Rachel will always be far better. Missed you guys in Seattle!!!

  4. kajamoko says:

    coffee from where you grow up were still the best

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