Well we are finally home in Seattle after 3 months of being gone. Our family left Winnipeg at 9am Monday and arrived in Seattle at 5pm on Tuesday. We drove straight through with a 3 hour sleep break at a rest stop in Montana. It was a great trip and the girls did great strapped into their car seats for hours and hours.

It is so good to be home. It is good to see friends, it is good to sleep in my bed, it is good to have home cooked meals and it is good to be at World Cup cafe in the U-District. We have been able to get together with a lot of our friends since being home. On Tuesday Gordon and Deborah came over for dinner. They have been very kind friends to us. They picked up some groceries for the house and brought over dinner. Thank you guy’s so much. Later that night our staff came over to hang out and have a short meeting, as we have not all been together this summer. I am greatfull for all of you who I get the priviladge of working with. Thanks for being good friends and continuing to help me to think and grow. Last night we went over to Zach and Amandas house to celebrate Amy’s 30th birthday. It was so fun to be with good people, eating good food and laughing a lot.

I pray that I never take these things or my friends for granted. It is sadly true that for the most part we don’t know what we have until we are far away from it. I want to be appreciative of the things and peope that God has placed in my life when I am in the middle of it, so that it is not to late. Thank you Seattle, and thank you my friends for all that you do for me and all that you let me do for you.

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  1. Lars Rood says:

    If I was there I would have brought you over a 6 of your favorite reeb and we could have talked about what it’s like to live out of a suitcase all summer.

    Miss you.

  2. Amanda says:

    i am very saddened that i:
    a: do not appear in this “staff” photo
    b: don’t know when this was even taken

    so saddened, in fact, that it distracted me from the entire post itself. i could only stare at the picture trying to find where i might be….

    *sigh*…this is my future i suppose.

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