I just read today that the Taliban has agreed to release the 19 S.Korean hostages that have they have held for the last 4+ weeks. This is an answer to prayer for many people, including me. I figured I would add the link so you could read for yourself if you have been following this. I am just thankfull that they can go back to their families. Continue to ask Jesus to be with them as they have a long recovery ahead, both physically and emotionally.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Reports are still coming in (29th pm Afgh. time.) that the release is happening a few at a time. With still several yet to be retrieved. While this is the Taliban, there can be no premature celebrations.

    I believe the ‘conditions’ of their release is a travesty to the Church and Government of South Korea.

    One would think that this will draw a distinct line in the sand for Christ’s Disciples and ‘Handicam-missions’.

    Praying for their healing and the Lord’s Grace to them and their families as they reunite. Also that the Lord would use this for His Glory to do a sovereign work in the hearts of His people. ‘If’ we are lead of His Spirit, the manifestation is clear. Acts 1:8

  2. globebug says:

    this is amazing news indeed phil. its even been on the news here in finland! good stuff, keep the posts coming my friend.

    miss ya,
    heidi x

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