This morning I woke up grateful.
-Grateful that my 2 girls stayed in their beds all night and Amy and I had our first full undisturbed nights sleep in a while.
-Grateful for our roommate Sam
-Grateful for coffee
-Grateful for a sunny day in Seattle
-Grateful that God hears our prayer
-Grateful that Emma gets to go to school in 25 min.
-Grateful for my friend Lars who encouraged and helped me get my i-Phone
-Grateful for my i-Phone
-Grateful that after I drop Emma off for school Amy Abby and I are going to a cool cafe to work on stuff together for Mission Adventures
-Grateful that my children are safe and well. We watched Blood Diamond last night, so I am very grateful for the safety and protection of my kids.
Grateful to Jesus who gives us new hope each day.

I pray that on the day’s when I do not wake up grateful because I was up all night with the girls and it is raining, possibly tomorrow, that I would remember that Jesus is still faithful and there are always reasons to be grateful.

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2 comments so far on “Good Morning

  1. amanda.jolene says:

    ….i’m greatful for my iphone……yadda yadda.

    WHAT!? are you kidding me phil! Seriously….we were literally just AT the mac store. how did you pull that one off in like a day?

    you, my friend, are out of control. 🙂

  2. djdread says:

    Dude, you suck…
    but then again, I’m just jealous.

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