Monday was Canadian Thanksgiving. On Sunday we had a bunch of people, mostly Canadians and their spouses or soon to be over to celebrate. We ate till we swore we would eat no more, then an hour later we were eating again. It was a great night and the food ruled, thanks to P.Wade. Yesterday Emma and I carved a pumpkin. I found out real fast that I don’t have pumpkin carving skillz.

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  1. amanda.jolene says:

    awwww…wish i was there to celebrate with the canucks. however, i was over here (in toronto) celebrating with literally 45+ family members. it was absolutely insane. and the food was incredible too.

    i love sweet potatoes.

    look at emma….what a cutie.

  2. Chris From Canada says:

    Ended up on your site from your comment on Dan Kimball’s. Great to see some Canadian tradition happening south of the border! 🙂

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