So I woke up this morning to a dark, gloomy, rainy Seattle morn. It was beautiful. Some people hate waking up and it being dark and cold, but me, well I find it rather contemplative. I put on some music and puttered around the house making my coffee and feeding Abby breakfast. It wasn’t long before I felt myself in this place of worship, where I was overwhealmed by the grace and love of Jesus, for me and for the world. It is weird, and I can’t explain it, but I do know that this morning, in the cold and rain of Seattle I felt Jesus and am thankfull for Him and for who He is and what He means to me.

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  1. Lars says:

    Hey I love those kinds of mornings. Today I woke up and checked the airline to see if our flight would be delayed. I’m mostly praying that I won’t be a jerk to Danielle when I get into travel mode. You making breakfast, loving your family and worshiping is a good reminder for me.

    Hey book a flight out here so we can talk about missions stuff and our book. I’ll pay for your flight. Just try to get into Love Field.

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