So I am taking a short break from my studying to make a quick post. I am sitting in the Library listening to 80’s rock, poison to be specific on the i-pod and I had a flashback to 1988. I was living in Winnipeg in grade 11 at the time. In my flashback I was getting off the metro bus, in the winter to go to my after school job. I worked across the street from the CN railroad station sweeping floors at an electronics warehouse. It was so weird, I was just transported there so clearly. I ended up getting fired from the job as I was a lazy a#@ and didn’t do a very good job sweeping. I have attached a picture of what I can remember the bus and the day looked like, as well as what I looked like back in the day with my friend Jeff. I am thankfull we grow up.

Anyway, back to studying.

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4 comments so far on “Winnipeg in the 80’s

  1. .justin says:

    hey [sy]phillis.
    i believe ass is spelled @$$.


    PS. you are more rock n roll now than you thought you were then.

  2. amanda martens says:

    what’s really funny is the first picture…because you couldn’t alter it at all to make it look different from 1988.
    looks like another 1988 soon to come – you know, winnipeg transit, polo park, winter…..

  3. Ruth (NI!) says:

    i needed a laugh today – after coming on your blog i got it. your a funny guy phil – sweet photo.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think the only thing missing was your hot pink jacket.


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