This past weekend my friend Colin from Winnipeg came to visit. It was a good time and we saw a lot of the city. Colin arrived on Saturday and we spent the day walking around down town. One of our stops was at the public library, I love this building. For one, it just looks cool from the outside and inside. For two, they have the coolest kids area of any library I have ever been to. Colin is an architect so it was great for him to see this bizzarly built building from what sounds like an equally bizzar architect.

On Sunday we went to the worship service at Mars Hill and spent the day hanging out once again. Sunday evening we went to the Moore theater and heard Rob Bell talk on his “The God’s Aren’t Angry” tour. It was a great night as I saw a lot of friends there, some of which I see daily and others who I have not seen in years.
Yesterday we went for a drive to get some good coffee at Cafe Fiore where my friend Rachel works. From there we went to the Ballard Locks and watched a huge barge go throught being towed by a tiny little tug boat. Then we went and ate the worlds largest burrito at Gorditos. The four of us actually split it and still had leftovers.

Finally, to end the weekend off just right we scalped tickets into the Monday night football game between the Seahawks and the 49ers. We got in for $20 and watched a slaughter as the Seahawks destroy the 49ers 24-0. Thanks Colin for coming, and thanks to my family for being so flexible with all our running around.

I feel like this weekend I was able to give of my time and my energy. I want to continue to live this way. To live in such a way that others feel that they are important and that it is a blessing for me to spend time with them as much as it is them spending time with me. I want to give of my time and energy to others.

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  1. .justin says:


    you are such a stud.

  2. Julie Johnson says:


  3. Lars Rood says:

    Phil- I’d love to have a weekend like that. Perhaps this spring I need to have a short flight and a fun trip. My dream is to scalp tickets to a mariners game.

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