Thursday is the day that I stay home with the girls so that Amy can get out and do the work she needs to do, it also gives her a break as the primary care giver, during the day, of the girls. I love that my job allows me the flexibility to work from home. I do not take it for granted one bit, although some times, just from growing up in this culture I feel that since I am the man that I need to be always going off to work and Amy, being the woman needs to always be at home with the girls. This idea is wrong and frankly lame. I am not a man because I go to work, I am a man because I have a penis, that’s all it takes.

Anyway, so this morning I woke up and got the girls breakfast, which is the usual, and I just finished the laundry. Abby is walking around with Emma’s panties on the outside of her pants, way to go dad. I love that I know and am connected with my girls. I understand that most men don’t get to have as much time with there kids as I do, and that makes me sad as I know they would love it. As a home group we are going through this book about marriage with kids. For the most part I can’t relate as it is talking about dads who don’t know what to do when left alone with their kids. I guess this is the norm in our culture.

I pray that I can take advantage of this time that I am given and decided to take. I know it would be easy to just put on a movie for the girls and go about my day, but I might as well not be here if that is the case. Today, I plan on giving Abby a nap, doing a little work on school and MA and going for a walk. My friend Brian may be coming over also, which is great as it will show him that dudes can hang out with there kids during the day as well as girls.

So, to all you stay at home dads out there cheers.

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  1. .justin says:

    having a penis doesn’t make you a man. it makes you male. it takes a lot more to be a MAN than that!

    it takes the rest of your blog to be a MAN!

    when i’m hanging with judah, sometimes i can’t focus on him for as long as i want to. i feel like i’m ripping him off. it’s a battle that i sometimes win [where he wins] and sometimes i loose [where we lose].

    what are some things you do together during the day?

    if it’s WEZA coming over, you are lucky. i am jealous.

    you are a/the MAN.

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