God, the father of the forsaken, the help of the weak, the supplier of the needy; you teach us that love towards the race of man is the bond of perfectness, and the immigation of your blessed self. Open and touch our hearts that we may see and do, both for this world and that which is to come, the things that belong to our peace. Strengthen us in the work which we have undertaken; give us wisdom, perserverance, faith and zeal, and in your own time and according to your pleasure prosper the issue; for the love of your son Jesus Christ.

From eerdnans book of famous prayers, 1983.

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3 comments so far on “prayer of justice

  1. Roodman says:

    Hi- First I thought you said prayer of juice and then father of foreskins. My eyes aren’t working today. HOpe you are doing well in the rain.

  2. Jamie Arpin-Ricci says:

    Beautiful prayer. Thanks!


    P.S. What’s with the limited comment features? Now I can’t have my comment linked to my blog anymore. Is this a new Blogger limitation?

  3. ben parsons says:

    hey man,

    thanks for posting that.
    check me out!! woo!

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