So this weekend our family went to San Diego to visit our good friends Craig, Kay Charlotte, Ingvar and Jessie. It was an amazing time for our family. The reason we went was to talk about Mission Adventures international and how that is going to look. I will spare you all the details, but I do want to talk a little bit about friendship and hospitality. From the moment we got there we felt that they were happy to have us around. I learned once again this week what it means to serve. We were treated like royalty during out time there. We had great food, constant coffee and drinks, lots of good conversation and a trip to Seaworld. I just want to send a shout out to our dear friends with Mission Adventures in San Diego. We love you dearly, and you taught us many things this weekend about family, service, humility, transparency and friendship. Thanks.

Before I sign off I want to share one story illustrated by pictures. On the last day we went to La Jolla to walk on the beach and see the pelicans. While we were waiting for the girls to park Ingvar, Abby and I were hanging out watching to seagulls. Abby was eating a banana and a seagull took interest. He kept getting closer and closer and Abby was not backing down. Eventually, the little nasty bird grabbed the banana from Abby’s hand and flocked off (flocked like a flock of birds, clever eh!) Abby was not happy, but we, and the rest of the people watching couldn’t stop laughing. Here are the pics.

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  1. L.A.Z. says:

    reminds me of my days fighting the Canadian geese…way to put up a fight Abbey!

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