Last night our family put up the Christmas tree. I look forward to this time well before we actually do it, I think it is because I have great memories of putting the fake tree up in my house as a kid. So Emma, our 5 year old started talking and we were asking her about Christmas and she was explaining it to us. So, here is the true meaning of Christmas told by my little girl.

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  1. roverT says:

    Emma Rocks! What would it cost to get her to come speak at our church?

  2. says:

    Awesome! This is totally making my blog.


  3. zackisaiah says:

    Ha! This is great, Phil. It’s nice to have the mysteries of God explained so simply.

  4. amanda says:

    oh emma…..

    this is so great.

  5. Julie Johnson says:


  6. Lynette Polinder says:

    I love this little lady.

  7. carly smith says:

    that is the greatest thing i’ve heard in a long time. totally brightened my day. the best part tho, was hearing you and amy in the background… i miss hearing you guys!

  8. Josh and Jen says:

    oh my gosh phil, this is so amazing & humorous. haha! she’s so earnest about it! we miss you guys!

  9. wandering fox says:


  10. Tamijo says:

    she has drama in her eyes you must laugh everyday with the seriousness and expression in that girl!

  11. ingvar says:

    amazing. that is just cool!
    could you ask her other questions too??

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