Today a tragic thing happened at a YWAM base in Denver Colorado. At approx. 12:30 am a man came to one of the YWAM houses and asked if there was a place for him to stay. The people there told him that there was not and then he pulled out a gun and started shooting. Two people were killed, one is in intensive care and one is in good condition.

At 1st I wondered if they were going to get slammed with people saying that they are Christians yet didn’t act like it because they didn’t show hospitality. Then the more I though about it I praise God that they said no because if he opened fire while the house was awake and full of people I can’t imagine what potentially could have happened if the house was asleep and he was in there. Please pray for the families of those hurt and murdered, for the YWAMers who are living there and for the apprehension of the murderer.

Below is a letter that we received an hour ago from Peter and Linda Waren, the base directors.

Dear friends of YWAM Denver,
Linda and I just returned from the hospital at 6am. Along with a number of
our staff and students we were awaiting news of our four staff who were
shot last night. It’s with a heavy heart I need to tell you we just lost
two of them. Tiffany Johnson and Phil Crouse passed away in surgery in the
early hours of this morning, Sunday December 9th. They were wonderful
young YWAMers in their early twenties. Dan Griebenow is in critical but
stable condition with a bullet still lodged in his neck and Chuck Blanch
has two bullet wounds in his legs but will be fine.
Thanks for praying for us. Our whole community has been uprooted as the
base in Arvada has been declared a crime scene and no one can return to
their beds during the investigation. We’ve relocated everyone up to our
mountain campus, Eagle Rock, for however long this takes.
Please lift up the family and loved ones of those who were lost in prayer.
We’re so grateful for the worldwide YWAM family that is reaching out to us
during this difficult time.
Your brother in Christ,

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4 comments so far on “YWAM Denver Shootings

  1. Andrea says:

    I was a student at this base in 2005 and I cannot believe what has happened. This is a place that you feel safe and comfortable and you are surrounded by your bothers and sisters in Christ never even thinking like this could happen. I am praying for those at the base and for the leaders and for the ones that were killed. Thank God they are Christians and are in Heaven with our Father and King.

  2. amanda says:

    very very sad. i was shocked to hear of it when i did.

  3. roverT says:

    This is crazy stuff…I am praying.

  4. wandering fox says:

    So shocked to hear about this on NPR and through a friend. I pray peace and strength to their families.

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