Today is me 36th birthday. I woke up at 1:30 this morning as Abby, our 17 month old was coughing and crying a bit. I picked her up and she threw up all over me. It is now 14 hours later and I smelled it again just in writing this. Anyway, it was a huge toss, filled with rice and something red. So now I am sitting at the DMV approx. 20 numbers away from mine. So far the B-day has been stellar. I am looking forward to tonight when Amy and I get to go out for a nice quiet dinner together, far away from throw-up and lines.

Off the topic of birthdays

Have you ever been away from your daily responsibilities for a while and when you get back you feel as though you will never catch up again? That is kinda how I feel after coming back from my friend Sams wedding. We had a great time, got plastered by a blizzard in Chicago and went to a Blackhawks game, but now I feel slammed. Maybe its cause I don’t know how to rest, or maybe its cause its the holidays and I haven’t got Amy anything, but whatever it is it sucks. Here’s hoping you and me find peace and rest this Christmas season in the midst of chaos.


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  1. roverT says:

    Happy birthday! I hope the date night went well.

    “We had a great time, got plastered…now I feel slammed.” Was there an open bar at that wedding? Maybe that’s why you feel a little “under the weather.” Or, maybe it’s just because you are getting old!

    Actually, I really know what you are saying though. Jesus came as the Prince of Peace, interesting how hard he is to find at this time of year.

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