It’s 10:44 pm Christmas eve. Abby and Emma are sound asleep in bed and Amy and I are getting everything ready for Christmas morning. I remember when I was a kid waking up on Christmas morning and just freaking out at the site of a Christmas tree surrounded by presents that ‘Santa’ had brought while I was asleep, we didn’t even have a chimney.

Tonight I pulled a Clark W. Griswald and told my daughter that Santa had been spotted over Chicago and he would be in Seattle in 5 hours. Just then the thought came into my head of when do you actually tell your kids that Santa is just a big fat alcoholic who can only get work in the mall during the Christmas season. I also wondered if it is wrong, or to put it more clearly, how wrong is it to pretend to your kids that Santa is real. Maybe that is why there are so many messed up people in the world who are seeing psychiatrists, because their parents lied to them about Santa. I think I will tell her next year that Santa died in a horrible reindeer accident while flying over Northern Canada.

I hope that my family and yours have a great Christmas this year. I hope that we will remember what this season is all about, Jesus.

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  1. Roodman says:

    Hey my great uncle was a Santa downtown at Fredrick and Nelsons for years. I’m guessing at ton of kids in seattle have their pictures with him.

    I’m not grumpy. Merry Christmas

  2. DavenHeather says:

    merry christmas to you guys.

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