img_0331.JPGIt is 10:02 Dec. 27th and our family leaves for Hawaii in 6 day’s. There is so much to do, I am starting to get a bit overwhelmed. I am babysitting at my good friends the Lairds as Dave is going to New Zealand tomorrow. I am taking a short break from studying, as I feel the need to post. Before we leave on Jan. 2 I have to finish a paper and write a final exam for school. Don’t feel bad for me though, I have procrastinated this long enough. We also need to clean the house, pay bills, get the car looked at, arrange the house for our friends who will be staying there while we are gone and pack. It will all work out, but sometimes it is a bit overwhelming. If you believe in prayer at all please remember us and if you don’t believe in prayer just hope for us. I am excited to go, but it is overshadowed by what needs to get done before that day comes. Heres hopin.  Later. 

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