Well we are finally here in Kona, Hawaii. Why are we here you ask? Well, Amy is doing the school of photography and I want to help make that happen for her, so for 3 months we will be in Hawaii as Amy attends this school. Emma will be in kindergarten here and I will be the primary caretaker of Abby and also will do some stuff on the base as well as my regular Mission Adventures responsibilities with YWAM.Here is how our 1st day has gone so far. Abby was diagnosed with an ear infection the morning we left and was fighting a 105 degree temperature the night before. We flew from Seattle to LA and after rushing to catch our connecting flight to Kona we realized we had left a bag, an important one on the first flight. So, I said goodbye to the girls as the flight was leaving and I stayed behind to find the bag, which I did. The next flight out to Kona was 24 hours later, so I asked if I could get on the stand by flight to Honolulu that was leaving in one hour. The airline told me that the only way I would get on the flight is if 20 people didn’t show up. So, one hour later I was sitting on the plane with an empty seat between me and the lady on the isle. I arrived in Honolulu at midnight and slept for 3 or so hours on the floor and caught the 5:15 am to Kona. My friend Aaron picked me up and I gave Amy the hugest surprise ever.It is good to be here, although weird to be on a big YWAM campus again. They have their own custom printed m&m’s here. I hope that God speaks to us and uses us here in the lives of each other and the lives of the people we come in contact with. So in closing, I am going on aprox. 4 hours sleep in the last 40 so I think I will leave you with some pictures of our travels and hit the hay.


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  1. patrick nam says:

    phil call me dude! ALoha! hey one of my students that was at seattle missions adventures is there her name is angela han..from jersey!

    201 274-9508


    pat nam

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