What can I say, Day 2 was even more interesting than day 1. It started off with a welcome to Hawaii from the YWAM elders here. Following that we had a campus orientation and brought Emma to here new class. Then we had lunch and Amy went to class, which is sweet by the way.


While Amy was at class I took the girls swimming at the campus pool.  After dinner we started to get a bit worried about Abby as she was not getting any better. We called out care provider in Seattle and told them the symptoms and they recommended that we bring her in to the hospital. So, we took Emma to our friends house and off we went. At the hospital they checked her out and thought she might have pneumonia so they drew blood, gave her a chest exe-ray, tried to get her to pee in a bag and gave her a shot. Hard night for Abby. We arrived at the hospital at 8:30pm and got home at 12:45. Thanks Bob for taking us and being a good school leader. Here are some pictures of out little girl and her hard night. Please continue to pray for her.


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3 comments so far on “Day 2

  1. Trevor says:

    brutal…I hope she feels better soon.

  2. amanda says:

    i hate to be inspector gadget, but you said you took the girls swimming while amy was at class…but (in the picture posted) i spy amy in the background with abby sitting on her lap?

    and sorry to hear about the pneumonia scare. poor abby. i hope she’s doing okay now….

    miss you guys,

  3. Brandon says:

    Oh man, that contraption is still in my nightmares! We took Cal to the hospital for croup and the worst part of it was that thing! They made us leave him strapped in it, in a dark room, while we stepped behind the wall with the x-ray tech – it was her first night. Brutal!

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