kona-fishing-1-001.jpgThis morning I went Deep Sea Fishing with my friend Aaron and his step dad Bud. I woke up at 5:10 and was pretty tired. We got to the dock and met Jay the skipper,

he was pretty tired too. Anyway, we stayed out for four hours and at hour 3 1/2 we got a bite. It was a 40lb spear fish, which is a type of Marlyn. Bud brought er in as he was the one who pulled out the credit card to pay, thanks Bud.

kona-fishing-1-009.jpgSo tonight our family went over to Aaron and Heidi’s house and had fried spear fish for dinner, it was delicious. Emma, thinking she would not like fish at all had 4 pieces.

img_0578.JPGLater tonight, after the Thursday night meeting they have here we along with our friends Johnny and Karina went over to Ji and Kaoru’s house for spear fish sushi, which was also great. All in all my first time fishing was a success. Thanks Jay for taking us, thanks Bud for paying, thanks Shadow’s for cooking and thanks Kaoru for the sushi.

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  2. Trevor says:

    Nice! It’s a tough life in Hawaii isn’t it? Getting up at 5 am and all that.

    Very cool though, I have always wanted to do that.

  3. Lynette says:

    YUM! Sounds like you are having fun out there…

  4. amanda says:

    enjoy the sun man, we’re due to get a blizzard here any moment…

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