I have neglected posting on justice issues on Friday’s for some time now. I want and am convicted that we, as followers of Jesus need to be committed to justice issues in word and deed. My commitment to Christ is to continue on this journey of figuring out what God has called me to do with areas of injustice.Below is a video I saw from Brian McLaren. Regardless of your views of him or his thoughts on faith, which is not what I am endorsing or criticizing here, this video is a beautiful picture of God’s heart of Justice.

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2 comments so far on “Justice Friday

  1. ben parsons says:

    hey dude. i like the vid. i finally got your link right on my page, so that it’s to this address instead of the old one. did amy take your profile pic? it’s great, man.

  2. Clayre says:

    Thanks a lot for that video. Something interesting that occured to me while I was watching was how different he is in the way he speaks from some of those TV guys I see. Flipping channels its pretty often that I come across the screaming preacher guy who says we’ve all strayed and that we are diluting the truth of God and that what God wants is for us to repent of our wicked ways and follow the ten commandments and get back to the law. That guy is always angry and loud. I think I trust people more who are calm and are actually talking about helping people.

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